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  • Dec 23, 2012 · Ok ok, now theres the fursuit quiz. theres QUADSUIT and now fursuit. soon i will make the other 2. hope you enjoy! Published December 23, 2012 · Updated December 23, 2012 December 23, 2012 · 4,714 takers
We are fursuit makers based in Ohio, USA (but we ship internationally!). We've been making fursuits since 2010 and we love it. We are professional costume makers that opened our doors back in 2011. We believe everyone should have fursuit they love without breaking the bank.

Incorporating internal panels, photoshoots, fursuit walks and more. CBRFUR Fur Con Canberra Annual furry event held in Canberra based around socialising and traveling all around the city for various photography based fursuit events.

Aug 24, 2019 · Hello there! I have some tips for fursuit making, as I am making one myself. I ahve completed the hands ant the tail, and OH MY GOSH was it hard! 1. TAKE YOUR TIME!!! I kinda rushed, and I came out unhappy with what I made, and had to spend EVEN MORE time fixing what went wrong than if I had done it well in the first place. 2.
  • Therasuit LLC is a pioneer of Intensive Suit Therapy (TheraSuit Method) for Cerebral Palsy population. We offer European quality treatment, training (TheraSuit Method), equipment (TheraSuit, Universal Exercise Unit)
  • If this is pinned to someones wikis, it means they are looking for a fursuit to buy!
  • Jun 25, 2018 - The latest Tweets from Doggo! (@BenzoHusky). Suits from: @madefuryou BenzoHusky and Burk G Shep ! Two totally 100% very good doggos! Maximum boops! 's @Majwuff .

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    Here’s where you can find work of existing Made Fur You fursuits! Please note that all costumes in this gallery are examples of past work and cannot be recreated. (Sorry!) Wolves Domestic Dogs Sled Dogs Shepherds Wild Carnivores Foxes Hybrids Hooved Small Critters Felines Fantasy Avians Collaborations

    Bird King Creations is a toony fursuit maker located in Cincinnati, Ohio! I offer commissions for fursuits during openings, as well as make premade fursuit parts for sale online or at cons. You can find my social media links below where I will announce all openings! Next Con: Anthrocon 2021 (dealer) > Check out my art as well! DA: 32 PA: 48 MOZ ...

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    Thicc fursuit. .. Does anyone have that thread about military grade exoskeleton fursuits?

    Fursuit made by TheKareliaFursuits Posts; Question time! Archive ... Oh look :D. Me and @xtrapfox (twitter) at Eurofurence 23 :3. 210 notes Aug 31st, 2017.

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    Quality, Style, Satisfaction. Whether you want to look corporate — sleek, commanding, prudent, with a touch of class — in a designer Italian suit, or show off your wild side with the most unique, fashionable colors and styles, we are sure that you will find something at Upscale Menswear that will elevate you above the ordinary and allow you to express your individuality.

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    Stock up on bodysuits for women. From casual and cute t-shirt basics and work-friendly turtlenecks to sexy going-out tops with mesh and lace, we have over 1,000 on-trend styles to choose from!

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    Anybody know fursuit makers in Grand Rapids, MI or in the state of Michigan? I have been thinking about getting my first fursuit made. I probably going with a partial or a 3/4 fursuit, so I can get used to wearing one, before I think about getting a full fursuit. Anybody have links to websites?

    fursuit fursuits fursuit maker fursuit making furry fandom fursuiting cfstudios furry Oh deer, who do we have here? 💖🦌 Miles and Dharma are here to wish you a happy Fursuit Friday! 6th Nov · 51n · ·

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    Oh wow! I am really happy I found this! I love Japanese mythology and I was trying to find info on kitsune but I only saw Wikipedia sits and that is an unreliable source, but then I saw this and I was like: YAYYY!

    Stock up on bodysuits for women. From casual and cute t-shirt basics and work-friendly turtlenecks to sexy going-out tops with mesh and lace, we have over 1,000 on-trend styles to choose from!

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    Toony: toony fursuits are probably the most common of all fursuits. They are cartoonish in appearance; hence, the nickname: toony. Realistic fursuits are more expensive due to the increased amount of work to create realistic animal markings, which may include air-brushing.

    MISCAST! Frog/Toad Fursuit Head - Foam Base. Sale Price: 99.00 Original Price: 125.00 sold out

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oh boy oh boy hi im restarting my page ig it’s really old since i havnt used it in ages ^^ ... fursuit fursuit commissions fursuit maker fursuit making aroccosuits ...
Skrevet av Emne: Fursuit makers!!! (Lest 87242 ganger). Ser at folk tenker på å lage, eventuelt kjøpe fursuits, så jeg fikk lyst å dele noen linker jeg fikk av Swandog første gangen jeg tenkte på å kjøpe fursuit!
Hobby Horse Creations is a custom fursuit-making business based out of Ohio. We've been making fursuits since 2016 and accepted our first official commission in 2017. We specialize in crafting equine fursuits, but will happily accept any species! All of our fursuits are completely custom made with hours of time and care going into each project.